Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The months of November and December have been FILLED with song, dance, and art,as we prepare for the Winter Lights Celebration on December 16th at 1:00. 

We will be singing many Hebrew, Hanukkah,  songs in the concert that begged for circle dances to be danced by the students. Ms Cowan has been so helpful, working with each class to learn a dance that will be performed at the concert as another class sings. 

The last portion of the concert always includes music from favorite holiday musicals or movies. This year, I happened to choose The Peanuts...not even knowing that a new movie was coming out! Ms. Aucter was willing to incorporate cartooning into her curriculum, focusing on The Peanuts, as well. You will enjoy seeing the results at the celebration!

We hope you can attend!

Let's Play,

Hearing students singing the songs we learn in music class while in the hallways or out on the playground is thrilling to me. I teach with the hope that the music in their hearts will burst out of the walls of the classroom and into their everyday lives.

John Feierabend is at the forefront of music education in our generation. A recent addition to his plethora of music ed resources is a book filled with playground songs and rhymes, intended to be learned and then extended onto the playground as students jump rope, clap hands, and play games with a ball. These are a part of our culture that should be passed on, just as folk songs are sung throughout the generations.

So I've named my theme, this year, "Let's Play!". Passing on the traditions, using whole body movement to express steady beat, and singing outside the walls are my goals.

There is a jump rope and a rubber playground ball in the storage cabinet next to drums and tambourines! In January, we will be using the large parachute to enjoy "ensemble play" as students move and sing together.

Music: Outside the walls of the classroom!