Friday, March 20, 2015

As you have probably heard, our spring concert this year is on May 28th at 6pm. The theme is world peace and we will be singing a variety of songs from around the world and about world peace. These songs are inspirational! During rehearsals, some students sing them with their eyes closed and their hands over their hearts...or with their arms circled around each other!

I am attaching the words to to the songs, as well as a link that will allow students to listen to and sing along with the concert music. Enjoy!

Song Lyrics

"Child of Peace", All Students
Our World", grades 1and 2
"Ubuntu", Grades 3 and 4.
"We Are the World", Chorus.
"Paddy Works on the Railway" Chorus
"Dry Your Tears, Afrika", Chorus
"There is Peace", Chorus